HS Senior Plan

Take college entrance examinations (ACT/SAT) as early and often as possible. Visit act.org or sat.collegeboard.org for more info.




  • Be admitted to UNM by December 1st for the Bridge to Success Scholarship consideration (scholarship.unm.edu)
  • Apply for a FSA ID (fsaid.ed.gov), the legal signature needed to sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. You need one for yourself and for one of your parents.


  • APPLY FOR AISB! Application opens and must be submitted before Friday, May 6, 2016
  • Remind parents to file federal taxes needed to complete FAFSA
  • Gates Millennium Scholars Application Due January 15th (gmsp.org)
  • Request official high school transcript be sent to UNM
  • Contact respective Tribal Higher Ed. Department to obtain application information and note submission deadline


  • Submit FAFSA before MARCH 1st, UNM's Financial Aid Priority Deadline
  • Complete other scholarship applications; be aware that all scholarships could have different deadlines


  • Be admitted with FAFSA submitted by March 1st for consideration of the Success Grant (scholarship.unm.edu)
  • Contact the UNM Financial Aid Office to make sure your file is complete by March 20th (505.277.8900)
  • Contact UNM to determine housing and confirm any additional preparation (505.277.2606)
  • Follow-up on UNM Admission Application you submitted
  • American Indian Education Foundation Scholarship Deadline Due April 4th (aiefprograms.org)
  • Apply for Catching The Dream Scholarship Due April 15th (catchingthedream.org)


  • SUBMIT AISB 2016 Application by MAY 6, 2016
  • Take AP Exams & request at least 4 official high school transcripts that show final grades and graduation date
  • Contact UNM to determine housing, costs, and final preparations needed
  • Continue applying for additional scholarships
  • American Indian College Fund Due May 31st (collegefund.org)


  • Attend AISB from June 18, 2016 - July 23, 2016
  • Finalize all financial aid and scholarships for freshmen year at UNM in July
  • Native Health Initiative "Education is Ceremony" college scholarship Due July 1st (lovingservice.us)
  • AIS Scholarship Deadline due August 15 (americanindianservices.org)

For additional questions regarding UNM ADMISSIONS, FINANCIAL AID OR SCHOLARSHIPS, please call 505-277-8900.