AISB Curriculum

Math– placement dependent on ACT/SAT Score

  • UNIV 103 – Foundational Math (3 credits)
    This course is designed to prepare students for college-level mathematics courses by strengthening key mathematical concepts. It addresses the transition from high school to college and incorporates strategies needed for problem solving.
  • MATH 101, 102, 103 – Intermediate Algebra (3 credits)
    Preparation for MATH 121, STAT 145 or MATH 129. MATH 101 includes equations and inequalities, applications and problem solving with linear equations, linear functions and the graph of a line, percent, perimeters, areas of simple geometric shapes. MATH 102 includes quadratic equations, properties of exponents and scientific notation, simplifying polynomial expressions, factoring and introduction to functions. MATH 103 includes radical expressions, equations, rational expressions, equations, the exponential, and logarithm functions.
  • MATH 121 – College Algebra (3 Credits)
    Preparation for MATH 150 and 180.  The study of equations, functions and graphs, especially linear and quadratic functions. Introduction to polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. Applications involving simple geometric objects. Emphasizes algebraic problem solving skills.
  • MATH 107 Lab – Problems (1 Credit)
    Study Session for your selected Math course, with an emphasis on problem solving.


  • ENGL 298 – Workshop in Writing (3 Credits)
    The English writing course will enhance your reading and writing skills in preparation for your first-semester English Composition course (ENGL110 or 111 or 113 or 120).


  • UNIV 101 – Seminar: Introduction to UNM – AISB (1 Credit)
    Designed to accelerate successful transition to the academic environment at a research university.

Study Hall

The purpose of Study Hall is to provide participants an opportunity to develop useful and effective study habits while attending the University of New Mexico. AISB Residential Advisors are available to assist with homework questions. Study Hall is conducted daily and takes place at locations including, but not limited to: American Indian Student Services, UNM Residence Hall, UNM Libraries, and/or the UNM-ITS Computer Pods.