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Student Perspective

AISB Student Testimonial

"My experience in the AISB program was tough, tiring, and successful. I feel like I got the whole college experience within 5 weeks. I learned how to manage my time for homework and my daughter. I am very happy that I got the chance to get a head start to the college years I have ahead of me."

Antoinette Moses (Navajo)
AISB 2017
Dental Hygiene

AISB Student Testimonial

"AISB has gifted me with academic confidence that I previously lacked. I now have an abundance of resources at my fingertips and access to people who will always be eager to help me to future success. Within the program, I adapted academically and persevered beyond my own expectations. These benefits will accompany me as I strive for a degree in Political Science with aspirations to attend the UNM School of Law."

Hope Johnson (White Mountain Apache)
AISB 2017
Political Science

AISB Student Testimonial

"The AISB program showed me a smooth transition from high school to college. It provided a foundation of what it really takes to be a full-time college student. I developed self-discipline, time management, and good study habits. The degree planning was the biggest advantage in my opinion, laying out the courses and timeline for the years to come. I would definitely recommend it for an incoming first-year student."

Matt French (Navajo)
AISB 2016

AISB Student Testimonial

"Throughout my undergraduate curriculum I was at ease knowing that I had AISB as a support system. Now as a graduate student, I truly believe that I would not have made it this far without the AISB program and the group of truly dedicated and caring staff!"

Nathan Moquino (Kewa & San Felipe Pueblos)
AISB 2013
B.A. Sociology '17
Master of Public Administration Candidate

AISB Student Testimonial

"The level of self-discipline acquired in AISB allowed me to complete my undergraduate degree and move onto my graduate degree with a highly competitive GPA, academic achievements, scholarships, and honors. I encourage all Native American students to take this step that may prove to be the foundation of your success here at UNM."

Cody Jeff (Navajo)
AISB 2012
AISB Residential Advisor/Tutor 2015, 2016, 2017
B.S. Elementary Education '16
Master of Business Administration Candidate